Our Legendary Taproom & Retail Store

It’s been a rough year. 

We’ve all spent a lot of time chilling at home with our partners and our pets.

Now, it’s time to start exploring again. Slowly, and surely and safely.

You know how you haven’t seen anyone you don’t share toothpaste with without a mask on for the past 12 months?  Remember what it was like to sit at a bar, and chat with the bartender? Remember how that helped mop up the awkward silence when you had run out of things to say to your partner or companion on the next stool?

Well, we still can’t sit at the bar without a plexiglass barrier (and we think that’s pretty weird so we don’t have one of those).  But.  We have created some amazingly fun experiences for you this patio season. 

We love beer for many reasons.  We love the diversity of styles, flavours and aromas.  We love the history, and the way beer has evolved differently in different regions of the world.  And we absolutely LOVE exploring the possibilities with beer and food.  All of these loves led us to create craft beer adventures for you to enjoy at our Legendary Taproom in Shelburne

Oh.  Did we mention axe throwing? We have that too.  Have you ever heard the sound of an axe whacking the bullseye? It’s surprisingly satisfying.  And an appropriate release for all that pandemic nervous tension.

Enough zoom meetings.  Enough socially distanced dinners for two.  Let’s have a bit of fun and give everyone something to talk about.

Our very own chatty bartender (aka Craft Beer Guide) will walk you through a Beer school experience tailored just for you.  Or, if you are more interested in local folklore than geeking out about beer, ask for our Community Flight – a sample of our best beer complete with some local stories and recommendations on places to visit while you’re in town.  If you decide on Beer School you will get your very own chatty bartender to monopolize the conversation for a whole hour of knowledge focused on what you want to learn. Included are the answers to all your questions (no, really, all of them), yummy food and fun activities to help you learn how to taste, smell and listen to your beer so you can impress your friends.

(Just kidding, there’s no listening.  But you will learn how to feel the beer in your mouth…)

Just want to drink beer on our massive outdoor patio in the sunshine?  That’s cool too.  And yes, you CAN bring your dog into our designated dog area. 

Don’t care to learn about beer?  Feeling a little frustrated from a whole year of COVID, COVID, COVID?  No problem.  Let’s throw some axes.

Follow up your axe therapy with nachos or our flatbread pizza…or any of our every changing, beer-friendly food specials.

My mother always said, there are no boring places, only boring people.

You are not boring.

We are not boring.

Let’s hang out this summer.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best craft beer experiences in Nova Scotia.  We don’t just pour pints.  We create craft beer adventures.  And we mop up awkward silences with fun beer facts, Dad jokes, and the sound of axe whacking.  One way or another you’ll be smiling when you leave.  That’s a promise.